How to help children after a divorce

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Wednesday, January 22, 2020.

One of the biggest concerns Illinois parents have after getting a divorce is making sure that their children will be all right. Some parents worry that their children will never recover and get bad grades in school, take drugs, go to jail, have mental health problems and so forth. However, the reality is that children with parents who went through a divorce can do just as well as children with parents who stay together.

Studies have revealed that the quality of the relationship of the divorced parents can be a big factor in how well the children will do after the divorce. It is best for parents to keep their relationship with each other civil. If they treat each other with respect, support each other in parenting and recognize the important role that each parent plays in the lives of their children, the children will have the best shot at success possible.

Instead of a parent trying to be perfect, professionals say that it is better to shoot for good enough. Spending time with a parent is not the child’s vacation, and parents do not need to buy the love of their children. It is important for parents to maintain as much of a normal routine as possible, which involves doing homework, following the rules and respecting boundaries. Children need love and reassurance. They need to understand that their parents love them no matter what happens.

Co-parenting schedules can be difficult to establish and might need to be changed often. An individual may wish to discuss their situation with an attorney, who may answer questions about visitation time, child custody and child custody modification. If it is necessary, an attorney may be able to represent a client in court, arguing for their fitness as a parent when seeking custody of their children.

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