The challenges of being a single father

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in fathers’ rights on Friday, December 22, 2017.

Missouri dads may be capable of raising their children as well as mothers are. In some cases, mothers still get full custody while asking the father to pay child support without fully analyzing the situation. This may be despite the fact that women are just as likely to have issues with substance abuse or neglect their children. However, society may still feel as if a father is not capable of being a single parent.

Part of the reason why being a single father may be difficult is because it can be challenging to be a parent and grow in a career. One way that single parents can help themselves is by looking for training courses or jobs that can be completed from home. Working as a freelancer may provide the opportunity to work from home while earning enough to pay the bills.

In general, most family law judges believe that children should have access to both parents if it is safe to do so. In cases where only one parent is fit to have custody, they generally doesn’t use gender when making that determination. Instead, it is likely that a judge will look at factors such as whether a child has been neglected or if a parent has issues with drugs or alcohol.

Fathers who are seeking shared parenting or other rights may benefit by speaking with a legal professional. Doing so may make it possible for them to learn about their options and what steps to take to make themselves look like fit and capable parents to a judge. If if is not possible for a dad to obtain custody of a child, the ability to provide stability for a child may entitle him to abundant access.

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