Rates of divorce vary drastically by state

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in divorce on Friday, November 3, 2017.

While the overall rate for divorce hovers around 50 percent for all age groups, the number of people who divorce by the end of their 30s varies drastically around the nation. For Missouri, this rate is about 13 percent, which puts it in the middle of the national range. In general, states in the Deep South have higher rates of pre-30 divorce, with Arkansas having the highest at a rate of near 20 percent. States in the northeast have lower rates, with New York coming in at the lowest of just under 5 percent.

Just like the divorce rate varies from state to state, the reasons people choose to proceed with the end of a marriage are different from couple to couple. For some spouses, the end comes because they cannot get along. For others, abuse might be the reason they seek to leave the marriage. Factors such as rushing into a marriage, choosing a spouse as a way to please the family or even the demands that come from someone’s profession might be reasons that lead to marital crisis and eventual divorce.

With the end of a marriage comes a period of negotiating the divorce settlement and division of marital assets. If there are kids from the marriage, the parents will also need to deal with child custody and child support decisions. Ultimately, spouses may have to reflect on their lives and make new plans for their emotional and financial health post-divorce.

When a marriage ends, there are many things that a person must deal with. A lawyer might provide legal assistance in the way of advice, explanation of legislation and legal representation.

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