Ways to locate noncustodial parents

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in child support on Thursday, May 11, 2017.

If a parent in Missouri owes child support, he or she may need to be found before a support order can be entered or enforced. Generally, the state needs to have a current address for both parents as well as the name of the noncustodial parent’s employer. If a noncustodial parent has no address or employer, the state may need to use other methods to find the individual.

In some cases, the custodial parent will be able to provide this information to the relevant government agency. However, it may be necessary to use information from past employers, the local telephone company or the USPS. If a noncustodial parent has a criminal record, government agencies may talk to police or parole officers to get the necessary information. State agencies may use the Federal Parent Locator Service to match the data it has about a noncustodial parent with information from agencies such as the IRS or state workforce agencies.

States may also have their own version of a parent locator service. These agencies may use data from local hiring databases or a state child support case registry to help locate a noncustodial parent. In the event that there is relatively little information about a parent, it may be necessary to contact known friends or family members for help.

If a parent fails to pay child support as ordered, he or she could face several consequences. In some cases, a parent who fails to pay support could spend time in jail. Parents who are owed support may wish to talk with an attorney who might be able to take steps to compel payment. This could include taking actions to find a noncustodial parent, which is necessary before any payments can be made to the custodial parent.

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