Why remote parents should buckle down and negotiate responsibly

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in child custody on Monday, December 12, 2016.

After a marriage ends in Missouri, the couple may not live in the same city forever. Although it’s possible to raise children responsibly when former spouses live in separate regions, experts say that doing so requires additional diligence, effort and planning. Some of these divorced parents even find it beneficial to go through mediation.

When parents move, the challenges of long-distance travel might make it more difficult for one or both adults to stick to their prior visitation schedules. In some cases, parents actively resist changing the way they raise their children. For instance, the parent who stays in the original home may decide that they shouldn’t be obligated to drive their children all the way to their ex’s new place. On the other hand, the parent who moved might fail to understand that their desire to retain the same amount of parenting time unfairly cuts into the other parent’s time.

Some mediation experts say that in addition to facing these practical¬†challenges, many couples also contend with the fact that they’re still angry at their exes. Other divorced parents fail to anticipate the fact that they’ll still have to make major joint decisions together, and these factors can hinder their ability to raise well-adjusted children.

Parents can’t always count on things staying the same after they divorce. As they and their kids grow and evolve, they often need to adjust their child custody arrangements. Co-parenting can be a heated topic, so it may be wise for parents to work with neutral attorneys that can help them make decisions that serve their children’s best interests.

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