Study finds that divorce numbers rise in March and August

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in divorce on Tuesday, August 23, 2016.

Missouri couples who are contemplating ending their marriage may be interested to learn that a study found that divorce filings peak in August and March. The study, which analyzed filings from 2001 to 2015 in Washington state, found that the filing numbers peaked following the summer vacation period and winter holidays.

Researchers suggested that the number of divorce filings rose in summer after the couple finished a final vacation as a family but before school started back up. When it comes to the rise in filings for March, the researchers suggested that couples may attempt to fix the problems in their marriage during the holidays before finally throwing in the towel. This period may also be when couples become stressed especially if the holidays do not live up the couples’ expectations. Further, with spring just starting, some people may suddenly become more motivated to make changes in their lives.

The researchers stated that they were not originally looking for patterns in the number of divorce filings. They were looking for the effects of economic recession on marriage stability. The patterns they noted persisted even through seasonal factors that included changes in the housing market and unemployment rates. The researchers looked at a few other states as well.

When a couple reaches the end of a marriage, it can be difficult to divide their property. A family law attorney may assist by valuating the couple’s assets, including any real estate or retirement funds that the couple may have, so they can be divided properly. If there is a child in the picture, the attorney may assist with providing financial information, such as parental income, to the court so an appropriate child support order can be awarded to the custodial parent.

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