Fighting for your rights as a Missouri father

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in fathers’ rights on Friday, July 8, 2016.

When parents go their separate ways, it is safe to say they still want what is best for their children. While many children in the state of Missouri are raised in the home of the primary caregiver, it does not mean the other parent has no rights. Unfortunately, many fathers believe they are not treated fairly in child custody decisions. Sometimes this is not the case, but all too often it is entirely true. The good news is that courts in Missouri and elsewhere are coming to understand how important it is for a child to have two active parents in their lives.

One of the most important things for fathers to understand is that they do indeed have rights as a parent. This includes spending time with the children and taking an active role in raising them. Today, most courts favor child custody arrangements in which both parents participate in caring for the children. This means that you as a father have a right to share in the custody of your child.

With that said, injustices do occur and dads can find themselves holding the short end of the stick in terms of custody and visitation. When this happens, it is crucial to fight for your fathers’ rights. Often, this means acquiring a family law attorney and developing a plan of action with the ultimate goal of winning custody or equal visitation time.

Even in an amicable breakup, it is best to be prepared to present a solid case for yourself. If you are concerned about your fathers’ rights or were never married to your co-parent, we invite you to read over the detailed information available on our website. You may also reach out to our attorneys for specific advice about your case.

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