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On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in divorce on Friday, March 11, 2016.

Divorce is often spoken of in hushed tones, especially during first stages, when it may carry an aura of tragedy. While not as catastrophic as death, for many, it may feel like a death has occurred in the family. And so with the process comes the stress and worry as you deal with the end of your relationship and the creation of your new life.

But for many, while divorce may be a stressful process, it is no more stressful than a dysfunctional marriage. The reason you are speaking with a divorce attorney, the reason you are attending hearings in a Columbia, Missouri family law courtroom, the reason you are drawing up the complex and detailed parenting plan if you have children, is because your marriage no longer works.

While divorce is still looked on in some social circles as less than desirable, for someone in an unhappy and dysfunctional marriage, the real fear is being stuck in that situation for an indefinite future. The stress and discomfort, and in too many cases, the intensity of the dysfunction can literally make you sick.

No one wants to live their life in this fashion, and to many in this circumstance, divorce represents salvation. Divorce can be a chance to be free of the thousand, tiny, but intensely painful cuts and abrasions that a dysfunctional marriage can inflict every day.

Certainly there will be difficult decisions, and uncomfortable moments. Putting together all of the paperwork to ensure that your property division is equitable can be tedious and exhausting. Working out a parenting plan that you can live with and coming to terms with your custody agreement and figuring out how to get your kids back and forth from their other parent’s home can be hard.

But with the help of your attorney, you will work it out. And it will be better.

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