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One reason you want to work with an attorney during a divorce is their experience. They have gone through the process many times. Maybe not personally, but as an attorney they are likely to have handled many divorces. And not only is their perspective not clouded by emotions of sadness or anger, they have the advantage of having seen the process multiple times.

This gives them a great advantage. For many people, their divorce is their one and only experience with a divorce and, in many cases, with the legal system. Every day is new and sometimes disorienting. In addition, you are dealing with all of the emotions that go along with the breakup of your marriage and the reconfiguration of your life.

Their experience can help you both with the legal aspects of your divorce, which can be somewhat incomprehensible without an effective guide and with dealing with the important changes that will come along with your new life.

They can help you develop a checklist of all of the things that need to be done, from identifying all of your joint assets and debts and ensuring that they are properly treated in the divorce, to helping you to remember to change all of your beneficiaries on your life insurance policies.

It is easy to overlook many of the “small” details that can develop into larger problems if not dealt with before your divorce is final. Seeing to it that your property division is completely accurate is essential, as making modifications to that part of your  settlement is virtually impossible after the divorce is finalized and approved by the court.

Your divorce may be your only experience with the process. By relying on someone who has been through the process and understands the big picture and small details, your experience can be improved.

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