In divorce court, its women first

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in divorce on Friday, September 4, 2015.

A modern marriage contains many contradictions. It is now seen more as a meeting of equals, with similar interests, tastes and for many, incomes. Yet many relationships still maintain elements of the Eisenhower-era, and women still carry on with much of the traditional domestic duties in the household, sometimes in spite of their working outside the home.

This is potentially one reason that women are the ones who are more likely to walk into a Missouri family court in Columbia and file papers to end their marriage. Another element is changing expectations. Women today have much higher expectations for their marriage and when those expectations are not met, dissatisfaction leads to divorce.

At one time, women were virtually property of their husbands, with few legal rights and largely reliant on their husband for financial support. As more women entered the workforce and obtained their own source of income, they began to look for more from their husbands than merely food and shelter.

Weddings are now a billion dollar industry, and husbands are supposed to be “fun” and when women today realize that their current husband is not “the one,” many apparently refuse to remain in that failed relationship.

Unlike the past, where they may have remained for financial reasons or to avoid social scandal, many women today have the resources to leave the marriage and begin anew.

Every relationship has its own unique challenges, but you know when your marriage has reached a dead-end and a divorce attorney can help you understand your options if you determine that your marriage is over.

Source:, “Women are more likely to initiate divorce,” Yanan Wang, August 27, 2015

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