When should I consult a second attorney in my family law case?

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in family law on Tuesday, May 19, 2015.

When you are faced with a divorce or family law matter, it can be a challenging and frustrating process. Your attorney is charged with leading you through your case. When you put your hope and faith in your attorney, you expect them to pull through for you.

The attorney-client relationship is usually a good one when the case is going as planned. Clients are happy when they are not faced with big surprises in their case.

When the case isn’t going the way the client is expecting and the case has hit some bumps in the road, the client can wonder whether their attorney should have seen this coming. A few surprises can put a once solid relationship on shaky ground. What should the client do in this situation? Do they trust their current attorney? Should they seek out the opinion of another attorney on what is happening? Maybe their attorney isn’t doing the job they should be doing. Maybe things would be different if a different set of eyes is on their case. Could another attorney from the same firm look over the case? This is the thought process of many going through a family law or divorce case.

The differing facts in every case can make these questions tough to answer. One would hope that the client has done enough research on their attorney in advance and had made an informed decision on their representation. Clients hope that they have selected an attorney who is responsive, prepared, and who cares about their case.

Most often, the client’s best course of action would be to remain patient with their current attorney. If you changed course drastically every time a minor bump in the road occurred, you would most likely cause more harm than good. In the attorney-client relationship, steadiness is what will often lead to a positive result.

In the end, every case is different. Judges will rule differently. Facts of a case often arise that no attorney could predict. No attorney has the power to predict the future of a case.

Some clients may still want to seek a second-opinion. If a client has enough concerns that they feel a second-opinion is needed, they have probably considered whether they hired the right attorney for their case.

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