Divorces over politics have increased

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in divorce on Thursday, May 18, 2017.

There are many reasons a Missouri couple may get divorced. While many marriages end because of financial difficulties or irregularities, arguments over politics may be a surprising reason for many splits, and the trend seems to have increased since the election of Donald Trump.

Researchers at a polling firm have examined the effect of political differences on marriages and relationships. They reported that 10 percent of couples who were surveyed ended their relationships due to political disagreements. Millennials had almost twice the rate of such splits at 22 percent. Many couples that did not go so far as to file for divorce or separation still reported that they were arguing much more about politics. President Trump has proved to be a polarizing force in the general population, and this trend has played out among married couples.

While a divorce is usually the tool of last resort, arguing over politics frequently may be an indicator of important differences between two people that they just didn’t notice before. People’s views on politics are often grounded in their fundamental beliefs or values. When those values aren’t shared by a partner, it can strain a relationship to the point where divorce may be the best option.

People have a few options when it comes to the divorce process. While many couples have differences that are so pronounced that they have no choice but to litigate their differences in court and have a judge come to a decision, others are able to work together through negotiations or mediation. They may want to meet with their respective attorneys to see what the benefits and disadvantages are of each method.

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