Open up to your family law attorney

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in family law on Thursday, May 21, 2015.

New family law clients have lots of mixed emotions when they hire an attorney. Most are not ready to go through a family law case to begin with. They would rather save their marriage or settle the matter outside of court. Still, many must deal with their family law matter even though they do not want to.

Clients then end up explaining to a divorce attorney how this situation elevated to the point where litigation is needed. Since most clients have a hard time considering the other side and point of view, they will explain their story from the perspective and the way they view the world. Many do not feel comfortable disclosing possible embarrassing facts. This can be hard for a family law attorney because they may only receive half the picture. When an attorney creates a strategy for the case, they can only do so with the information they have.

An experienced family law attorney will try to uncover the other side of the story by asking what the other party would say if they were in the room. The attorney wants to be fully prepared for what may come and any other arguments that would be used against the client. Clients should strive to have this conversation because it is helpful to the attorney. The attorney wants to get the full picture so that they can provide the best possible representation in court, not because they do not believe the client.

Whether the client feels good about what they’ve done or not, the best approach is to be honest with their attorney. Being open and candid with their family law attorney by providing a fair description of the facts will allow an attorney to effectively advocate for the client. If all the facts are not disclosed, the attorney will not be prepared as needed and may be blindsided by arguments they did not see coming during trial, or even at a pre-trial conference.

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